Do you rely on walkthrough?

I was getting stuck at a level of a game for a loooong time… I ended up having to train and level up to progress a little (using brute force) instead of the “brain” way of solving the puzzle…

But the enemies just gets stronger and in the end I went to look for a walkthrough… which kinda defeats the purpose of playing the game but still…

  • Do you use walkthroughs?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you always use walkthrougsh or only when you’re stuck?

    • Always
    • When I’m stuck

What do you think?

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Written by alibb

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  1. I don’t think walkthroughs are cheating; if the game is no longer fun to play and you’re only getting frustrated, why not grab a walkthrough or a cheat code?

    If anything, these are needed to counteract poor game design. To my way of thinking, if the game is made correctly, you wouldn’t need to do these things…

    • I guess you’re right about not cheating… since well, if I don’t look for a walkthrough I’ll never finish the game…

      However, I don’t really agree with the game design part for… there are quite some people who could finish the game without walk-through (for some of the game) … although yeah, there are some “unknown” criteria to win certain matches which I don’t know at all…

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