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Do you mind wearing necklace if you are asked to?

My daughter kept asking me questions like this lately. She knows I don’t really like fancy stuff, I don’t really like making up and I don’t wear earrings, ring, necklace at the moment (or as far as she knows). Well, she likes all these stuff. My brother-in-law just got married. My daughter asked me whether I would do it if my brother-in-law or his wife asks me to wear all these stuff, make up or wear high-heeled shoes.

I actually don’t mind wearing necklace, earrings, bracelet or ring, as long as those are the patterns I like, otherwise I don’t think I will follow. I know I am quite stubborn. I can compromise as long as it’s within my boundaries. 🙂

My daughter has lots of IF Questions recently. 😀


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    Do you think you are stubborn?

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    Do you compromise easily?

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