Do You Love Your Parents Unconditionally?

God always told me that the real blessings are released when we love our parents unconditionally. Also, all the curses are broken when we love and serve our parents. Now-a-days, every one is becoming selfish. They just love themselves without caring about their parents.

However, when the voice of God comes to our heart and He speaks the truth, we come to know that God loves those who love their parents and their family. God first comes to the love of parents and then to the love of family. But in this nuclear world, every one has got separated from their beloved ones because of the partial love of loving their own spouse and their own kids.

Thus, the parents keep suffering at the end, while, the spouse keeps enjoying which is unfair. Love that is partial is not yet the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. Family is first even for God when it comes to true living. Those who wish to remain in the wickedness of the world, God has nothing against them because it is their choice, however, what God wants is loving thy parents truly and being with them at the time of need even when it is difficult for you.

That pleases God more than anything that you do. Love pleases God more than faith, help, donations and praises that you give. It is the true love that makes Him feel comfort and dwell within us. The true miracle is love unconditional that we bestow upon our parents.

At the old age, they need our presence and our compassion with caring and mercy. If we are not able to give them and we have all the treasures of the world, then, we are still in need of some grace from God. We really need God’s grace to love our parents and our family.

If you have received it in Jesus Name, then, let’s say, “Amen”!

  • Do You Love Your Parents Unconditionally?

    • Yes
    • No


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Written by puregrace

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