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Do you know the state when feeling discharged?

In my environment and in my clients, I often hear the phrase, “I have no strength. I’ve discharged.” Those who work hard and much understand the state well. 

I think the key is to understand where the energy goes? 

One of the reasons is multifunctionality and constant improvement of its efficiency. Again, I will be talking from my experience only. 

What does this mean?

 – Performing different tasks at the same time.- Setting yourself very high demands and difficult goals to achieve.- All the time to be even better, more efficient and so on. Sometimes because of others rather than myself.

What can we do about it? How do I deal with it? 

First, we probably have to accept that we all have limited options because each of us is only one and there is a lot of work to do. Clean up our goals and see if all the work we are doing matches them. Maybe we do a lot of work that consumes energy but doesn’t work toward our goal? Or are our goals out of line with reality?

And think about what can you do today to make you feel better? Enjoy yourself and your results and process. What can you do today to make us feel better?

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  1. Since my husband had a shoulder replacement last year, I do work for 2 and he is frustrated by limited mobility
    I only know the reason for feeling discharged too well
    Anyway, I have recently got help for caring for him which helps somewhat.

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