“It’s never too late to be what you might have been.”


The term happiness comes from the Old Norse term happ meaning “luck” or “chance.” It’s also related to the Old English word hæpic meaning “equal.” Early senses of happiness dating from the 1500s are still very much in use today, such as “good luck,” “success,” and “contentment.

 Have you ever wondered about the origin of unhappiness? I know, that I have wondered about it, so, I asked both Siri and Alexa,(Alexa and Siri, Amazon and Apple’s digital voice assistants, are much more than a convenient tool—they are very real applications of artificial intelligence that is increasingly integral to, at least my daily life.) Where did happiness come from? 

This was pretty much what I got back from them. Apparently, throughout time, experts have written 1000’s of books about what happiness is and whether or not it’s possible to attain a state of utter happiness or perpetual bliss. The feedback I got, gave me an idea of the validity or importance on a worldwide scale, (487,000,000 of us really would like to know). Admittedly, as a percentage of 7,8 billion people in the world, it’s not that significant, but it is to me. 

However, to date, no consensus has been reached. In fact, it’s directly because of this conundrum, that people don’t know what to do to stay happy. How, about its alter-ego, unhappiness? almost all people tend to experience the constant perception that something’s missing from their life. What about trying to patch up, or revamp unhappiness as a means to an end? Here also, are many theories about suffering. They describe techniques to overcome fears, like, “live in the here and now, and ignore your negative thoughts.” But why does our human nature tend to do precisely the opposite?

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  1. If one wants to be happy, just be happy. Be happy regardless of whether life bless you with good or bad. To seek happiness is to seek unhappiness. Cannot have one without the other. Such is the cycle of life. If one understands this cycle then he/she will not create conflict within. Being happy does NOT mean disregarding negativity. Rather, the person must acknowledge its presence yet still choose to see the silver lining.

    Another trick is to “look” at it the same way one looks at a jewel. Look at it for what it is. Not let it multiply. Just look. And the person will find out it will dissipate like a ghost 😉. See, Siri and Alexa are AIs and do not understand emotions 😜

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