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Do you know about the Tablet Mode in Windows 10?

Are you using Windows 10? Do you know about the Tablet Mode?

I know there are still many new features in Windows 10 that I haven’t explore, and I just use whatever I am familiar now. My youngest son was playing with my computer two days ago. He changed something and that made my desktop look different, but I couldn’t figure out how to change it back to normal.

I finally found out about the Tablet Mode. We can just turn on the Tablet Mode if we are using a touchscreen-enabled PC, so it allows the screen to be turned into a “tablet”. It’s just a click to turn on and off at the Notification Area and that’s why my youngest son can easily turn it on.

I just found out another option, Night Light. It’s also just a click to turn it on and makes the whole screen look dimmer. My screen was changed and looked dimmer as well, I am not used to the dimmer screen.

I am glad I have set everything back to normal now. Kids really like to explore and they can always find out new features. 😀


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