Do You Heart Bruce Lee?

I heart libraries.  One time I checked out a book from the library about the incomparable Bruce Lee.  That was when I realized that several people in my house heart Bruce Lee. That book got passed around.  My sons loved that book!  Had to pry it loose from their fingers so I could return it to the public library. Must admit.  It was a great book!  But then, everything about Bruce Lee is spectacularly awesome!!  Don’t you agree?

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Bruce Lee – The Evolution of a Master Art Legend by Advance Martial Arts, on Flickr

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Asian-American Legend ~ Bruce Lee (Nov 27, 1940 – July 20, 1973)


BruceLee – The Evolution of a Master Art Legendby AdvanceMartial Arts,on Flickr

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  • Did you know that in the USA May is Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month?

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