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Do you have a bucket list

Many people have a bucket list. I personally have no need for one. I try to enjoy everything life throws my way and find joy in everything I do and in everyone I meet.

I place more importance on relationships. I work on making my relationship with my loved ones better everyday.

Trips and journeys are fun, I plan them often,  but these are for enhancing relationships than for the trips themselves.

Adventures are great but they mean more when they are undertaken with loved ones.

Work is awesome, it brings the bread and butter to the table, but what is a splendid spread if you have to eat it alone.

Success is thrilling but when you have no one to share your highest moments with, it falls flat.

And the end of the journey called life  what counts is the basics, not the frills and the thrills.

This made me come to the conclusion that what ultimately matters is how you live today

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  1. I also have no use for bucket lists. Being old and retired I enjoy everyday and just keep on crafting like cross stitch, crochet and tatting right now… I also enjoy the company of my dear sweet cat Runt or President Runt as I often call him…

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