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Do You Ever Watch the Trending List…? + the Color Crazy Challenge – Indigo

Since two of my latest posts got a lot of responses (comments) they got into the Most Commented ones, and one of them was “trending”, which means it had a lot of views, so I was wondering what’s happening with those posts after they leave the Most Commented list…

It occurred to me to take a look at the Trending list and my trending post was there…! It was on the second or third place (out of ten) and kept switching places with other articles in the next few days depending on the popularity I guess…

During that time I decided to take a look at the other posts that were there and I saw a couple of other recently posted articles of other users that were appearing and switching places for a few days and several old posts that were always there… When I opened those old posts I saw that some of them had over 6k views and some even over 30k views which fascinated, actually shocked me…! I contacted the authors of those articles, where only one of them answered me and said she doesn’t know how it happens, that she is only sharing her articles on social networks… I was shocked and surprised because whenever I shared my articles I couldn’t get more than a couple of views…

The cover photo is my own and not allowed for use. It is also an unpublished part of the series of photos I published within the Crazy Color Challenge – Indigo, and to see my post that was trending go here: Some New Ideas for Earning Virils (and Improving Virily Traffic) and Some Coincidences.

  • Do you ever watch the Trending list?

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Written by tasartcraft

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  1. I sometimes share articles that are trending because it is something that other see, and like about it to make it have so many views. I do that because I gain points as well. With that being said, I see that this is trending, so best believe I will be sharing it on my social media page.

    • Wow…, really…..??! 🙂 Thank you so much…, didn’t know it was trending…..! 😀 I know some of my latest articles were trending but not this one, at least not yesterday… :/E 🙂 It’s nice that you share them but I didn’t know you get points for that… :/ On what basis you actually get points for sharing an article?
      I’m also not sure if the article is trending if it’s getting views only from the Virily users or generally (external views too)…? I think/guess external views count too.. It’s a shame we don’t get Virils for guest views anymore though… :|\

        • What do you mean by “referring guests”…? If you mean sharing articles and getting guest views that option is unfortunately disabled… Like you see we don’t get those notifications for quite a long time… :/(

          But maybe you mean sharing a referral link and sign-ups…? I’m not sure if that is disabled… I got a lot of that when I came here since I was inviting a lot of former Niume members at that time when Niume was closing but now I don’t… :|\

  2. I don’t check trending. However, I recall being on another site where I was always shocked at the number of view some writers got. It just didn’t make sense until the site owners – after losing lots of money – (paid to these writers) uncovered a scam with the views and shut them down. They even stopped paying for views that were external. Not saying it is the same thing that is happening here. I don’t know. Your post just reminded me of this site which, by the way, had to close permanently.

    • Thanks much for commenting and expressing this…! I must say this looked suspicious to me the same way you described… I asked the authors about it but only one replied (the one with “less” views) saying she really doesn’t know how it happens, that she only shares her articles on social networks… I also remember asking those same members how they got that fast very high in the ranks before while I was much lower than them and I came here much before them and doing all the activities that give points the most I could… That other one (the one with the more views) actually answered everything I’ve already been doing and that she spends hours here (which I was doing too)… I’m not saying it’s impossible, I don’t want to accuse anyone who possibly is actually doing nothing wrong but it does look pretty impossible and weird… :/ Maybe they just know the ways to make their articles popular on social networks……. :/

      I hope admins know about this, and maybe that was the reason they disabled the “guest (external) views”, although one other member told me it was for another reason… :/

      It’s funny because now I opened all the posts in the Trending and AGAIN got points for the articles I already opened and commented several days ago when I’ve found out about this… – not the ones that recently got there but the old ones with several k views I wrote about here……! (Seems that after some time you can again get points for opening the articles you’ve already opened but I opened some of these just several days ago… :/) It’s also funny that all the high number of views articles are written by 3 members (seems 1 of them is not active anymore) which are from the similar nationality so maybe they shared some “secret earning ways” between themselves, heheeh 😉 Also, I see some of the posts I mentioned in this article are not there anymore but some still are…

      What was the name of that site…?

      • The site was Bubblews. Same thing there, it was just a few people who got hundreds to thousands of views and bragged about how much money they made. At the time the site was paying very well but the few were making hundreds of dollars a month. When the site finally caught unto them we all suffered as it practically went bankrupt and those of us who made our money the honest way, didn’t get paid. I think it is a lesson any site should take heed of it they want to stay viable. If it doesn’t make sense something is fishy. Again, I haven’t looked at the ones here so I don’t know if it is legit or not, I just know about my experience at that site, By the time they caught on it was too lake to save the site..

        • Oh, yes, I heard about that site but didn’t know what was the problem that caused the closing… Wow, hundreds of dollars?????!!! :/ That is a lot…! I don’t know how much that site was paying per view and other activities there, but to pay that much for external views seems a lot… It’s also weird how they lost their money on that… If the views were real it shouldn’t have happened (or if there were daily limits like here…) because bringing traffic to the site should have only made the site earn more but I can understand if the views were fake although I’m not sure how that could be arranged with the system that runs the site… :/
          Yes, of course, we can’t know but I guess we all agree it is an unreal figure…..!

  3. If I’m not wrong, it counts all views, not the unique ones. If you reply to a comment and the person who commented goes back to your post to read your answer, it counts as another view.
    Then some research is needed to see if an article appears in search engines, and how.
    Sharing on social networks might be a thing, especially when you post on a niche group that is related to the content you wrote about.
    Advertising on some platforms such as paid-to-click or traffic exchanges sites is another option, though I believe it goes against the guidelines (and it’s likely to be the reason why Virily gave up rewarding users for external views).

    • Yes, all views… 🙂 Yes, exactly…
      I really don’t know anything about that but somehow could be… Although I’m not sure if (many) Virily articles appear in searches…
      Yes, I guess you are right but I guess it’s still a lot for such situations too….. :/
      Never heard of that possibility – way of sharing on such sites… :/ I’m not sure that was the reason, I heard form 1 other user it was because there were “double views” because of some features here… But who knows…, that could be the reason too, although, like I said, I never heard of something like that…

      • When you leave a comment, the page refreshes. Perhaps that’s a double view. Generally, I think these crazy numbers happen because of comments, and conversations taking place below these comments. That might barely explain 6k views, definitely not 30k.
        I don’t think SEO works so well with Virily articles either.

        • No, no.., not that….. Double views were because you get 2 “views” (Virils) for sharing an article or something like that + for a view…
          Yes, I agree, although I think it’s impossible to get 6k views from that, I think there weren’t that many comments….. And even if there were that number is impossible to get from that I think..
          Yes, I think so too….. :/|

    • Thanks! The most commented switches daily, which means 24h after your post was published.. During that time your post can be among the Most Commented ones and also move and switch places on that list is some other posts get more comments than yours…
      I wasn’t looking at it for a long time, thought it is not even updating regularly but seems it is… There are posts that get the most views and that are currently popular…

      • I am happy if anyone sees my posts but I don’t count the comments. I try to see as many people’s posts, a lot like Alex because they looked at my posts. I also click onto a picture of a post if it is currently on screen because it is interesting at the time or it just happens to be there.
        I enjoy reading other peoples posts from other countries or just learn anything here at all

        • That is a nice way to do it, I do the same, although I do care about comments… If someone just opens a post that is nice because it brings points, but I also like to hear other people’s opinions on what I post… I also answer all the comments because that is the way of showing you care, which seems not all the people here care much about…
          That is also very nice… 🙂
          Thanks!!! 😀

  4. An interesting point Tasartcraft. I have not checked the trendling list myself. 30,000 views cannot happen with social media shares alone. These posts must be getting a lot of organic traffic from search engines, though the authors may be in a better position to answer that.

    • Thank you much. Yes, neither have I since I thought it is not updating regularly, but seems I was wrong… 🙂 Yes, it’s weird to me too.. I asked both of the authors but only one replied – the one with the less views… The author said she only shares her articles and actually don’t know how it happens… :/

    • Yes, the similar is with me… I just took a look a few times at the beginning and then forgot about it. I actually thought it is not updating!…
      Thanks!!! Every article that get that “thunder” sign in the top left corner (while in the Most Commented) or at the top of the article (when you open it) beside the number of views gets there and stays for the time it is trending… 😉 🙂

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