Do you even know how often you should change the bed sheets?

According to New York University microbiologist Philip Tierno, sleeping with the same sheets for more than a week is not only unhygienic as it can cause health problems, contributing to the onset of diseases and even skin conditions.

The solution, according to the expert, is to change pillowcases and sheets once a week – but attention – if you wear pajamas! If this is not the case, it can and should increase the frequency of bed linen washing. The reason is the vast amount of cells and the sweat that the human body produces per night.

The human being spends at least a third of the life in the bed and produces about 98.5 liters of sweat a year, additionally if the climate is humid and warm, it is created the perfect environment for the proliferation of mites and bacteria. We can also add in this ‘party’ of microorganisms other corporal excretions, pollen, dust, pollution and more substances with which we come in contact in the day to day. All these substances accumulate during the week in bed and can cause allergies, itching, skin irritation and even diseases.

In addition to bed linen, it is also important to wash cushions, blankets and duvets often, preferably with hot water.

  • How often do you change your bed sheets?

    • Once a week
    • Every 15 days
    • Every 3 months
    • Once for season

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