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Do You Approve?

“Help me change those things that I can and and accept those ones I cannot.”

Yeah, there are things that you do not approve but cannot change them. Yet others you can approve.

  • Many pastors are doing many weird things. Some use their manhood to perform deliverance; others walk on nude faithfuls. Do you approve?

    • Very much
    • I just approve
    • I least approve
    • I do not approve
    • I do not care what others do
  • There seems to be so many nude and semi nude images on the net. Some are in uncompromising situations. Some images are of teens of below 18. Do you approve?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I care less. They can do what they want
    • I detaste it
    • I love it

What do you think?

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Written by stbrians

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  1. By grouping “nude” and “semi nude” in the same question you have made it impossible for people to know what they are voting on. In the USA nude photos of non consenting adults are illegal. Images of high school kids at a swimming or gymnastics competition may offend some people but not others. Don’t muddy the waters or your response becomes tainted.

      • It is a balancing act. between freedom and limits. There are many countries that have tried limiting the internet, that hasn’t been effective. I personally think it is more of an education, of a teaching, a right way.

        If you apply filters to people, they will rebel.
        If you teach people why filters are good, they will use them!

          • I suspect the word you choose is very fitting, addicted. The internet is a great and wonderful mess. Addiction is only one aspect of its failure.

            I worry more about the quality of the information, the value of the sources and so on. But the reality of addiction is always an issue.

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