Do not disturb!!

Loose change is being counted  That is our maid who gets to do this once every month  We collect loose change we get from shops.

It is quite a boring chore  She first sorts out different denominations and then they are counted.  She is pretty good at it  That change amounted to Rs. 746.  She has now taken that ‘loot’ to the shop that always exchanges it for currency notes. 

Drops make an ocean is what I come to know when this loose change is counted

  • What do you do with loose change?

    • Give it to beggars
    • Exchange it for Bills
    • Use it for shopping


What do you think?


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  1. I have a plastic jar I keep all my loose coins in. When it gets full I take it to my local supermarket. There’s a machine there that counts all your coins for you (for a small fee.) I usually get around £40 – £50 though, which helps.


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