Do Houses Have Personalities?

I know that it may sound odd but just think about it, does your home have its own personality? How does you house/home make you feel? I do think houses have … something, and each person that moves in takes up what it has to offer, whether good or bad.

Some may think I am referring to the paranormal and that may be a part of it but I am a landlady and I own real estate that I rent monthly, I also have to repair the houses in between each tenant so I get to see how these people live, and how the people take on what the house gives them.

For Instance, I have one house that I bought from this couple, they were hoarders, mostly of books and magazines, she did not like to clean and sat around a lot, the couple were two of the nicest people and were always so kind talking.

I can say that whoever moves into that house becomes lazy and hoards. I have had two separate families that moved from smaller houses of mine to this big house and in the smaller house they were very clean, but in no time after moving I notice how things have change and they don`t mop and clean the floors and they let things pile up, no on wants to keep the lawn mowed, etc.

I  have another rental house and the family I bought it from was happy but never had a lot of money, everyone that moves into this house takes on the same demeanor, Happy but no money.

I have noticed the same thing when I rented a place to live in the past, Once I rented this apartment, it was the most depressing place I ever lived and I think that if I had not moved I would be on medication. I could not stop cleaning either, seemed like I was always wiping down the walls or dusting or doing the bathroom. As soon as I moved I began to feel better.

Where I live now I feel calm relaxed and free but I do tend to overwork outside, farming and keeping the lawn, but I am sure that is because I have a goal and I am working to achieve the goal in mind.

By Andria Perry

Photos by Pixabay

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Written by Andria Perry

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