Diwali Festival, India

Considered the most popular Hindu festival, the Diwali festival is also known as the “Light Festival”, to celebrate a new year in Hinduism and to wish for good things. The name Diwali is a shortened form of the word Deepavali, meaning lamps.

During the 5 days of the festival, Diyas clay lamps are simultaneously lit. The light emanating from these lights is a symbol of justice, for the victory of good over evil. That is why the Diwali festival is also known as the “Light Festival”.

During the festival, the lights must be kept on fire all night, and the houses must be clean and tidy in order to show respect to the goddess Lakshmi. In Indian religion, the goddess Lakshmi is the god of wealth, representing wealth and affluence. But today, in different parts of India, Diwali festivals are associated with different meanings. In Northern India, Diwali is a festival to commemorate the legendary Rama hero; In Gujarat, the festival honors the goddess Lakshmi, while in Bengal the goddess Kali is also the goddess of wealth, symbolizing wealth and prosperity.

The Diwali festival includes fireworks, lighting, parades, and especially children wearing new clothes and eating lots of delicious candies. Therefore, Diwali is a festival that Indian children eagerly await throughout the year.

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