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Diplomat Hotel – Haunted

I am a huge fan of horror films and series. I’ve started watching them since I was 10 years old. Every time there’s a new horror film or series on Netflix, I’d check it out right away. I sound brave, right? But honestly, I’m afraid to see a real ghost. I don’t know what will I do If I see one. Maybe I’d have a heart attack. LOL. Anyway, despite that, I’ve decided to visit a haunted place in Baguio City, Philippines. It’s called the Diplomat Hotel. It’s used to be a rest house during World War II. However, it has a sad and tragic history as a lot of nuns and priests were beheaded here. That’s why some people claim to see headless apparitions specifically during night time.

During my visit, I didn’t feel anything creepy. Maybe because there were other people who were there, too. But the smell is quite intolerable. I took a lot of pictures and I didn’t see anything weird.

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