Diet is hard and easy

Depending on the diet, it can be hard to do but the results are great or it is easy to do but you have to wait for sometime. There is a diet that is called OMAD which means One Meal A Day. It is very effective that you can lose at least 5 pounds in a week. That means you can shed off 50 pounds in 10 weeks or 4 months. But it is hard to do and you may not be able to continue with that kind of diet for more than a month.

The after 6 diet is simple. You cannot eat or drink anything except water after 6 pm. Before that cutoff time, you can eat anything and any amount of food. That is easy as per the testimony of those who tried. However, it takes time before you an lose 50 pounds. Even a year is not enough because the rate of loss is not drastic. So which would you choose between a hard diet and an easy diet?

  • Do you go on a diet?

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Written by Alex Socorro

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