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Did you ever miss a city or country where you went for work purpose?

I am leaving Canberra next month. That’s right! I am leaving Canberra forever just when I started to love the place.  I am an Indian but worked in different cities of Australia for a long time (that is if you consider about 7 years as long time). Out of these 7 years I have lived in Canberra for about 18 months and already in love with the city and its surrounding areas.

Canberra is peaceful and Canberra is a beautiful with lovely sunny days, charming colorful trees and perfect temperature to my liking. You know I am not much into coffee drinking but can’t resist the Canberra coffee, perhaps the best in the world.

Canberra has places to go. I can name at least 20 where I go regularly but the area around Lake Griffin is my first choice. Canberra has number of Natural Reserves where you can find the all of the native animals but unfortunately most of them are not open right now due to heavy bushfire the region has been facing for almost 6 months now.

However, I have attended a number of festivals, open gardens, The Botanic Garden, The Zoo, walking experience, flower shows, live games, wine tasting etc which kept me busy during weekends. I will miss Canberra, really!

Note- I have taken thousands of images of Canberra but the image in this post is not my camera work

  • Have you ever had such feelings for any of your work cities?

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Written by Suny Ag


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  1. Canberra is a beautiful place and Lake Griffin is fantastic. We were at reception right on the lake and while there we walked the lakefront many times in the evening.

    For me the city where i worked that I miss now, well there many but I would say it is one of the three where I spent the most time.
    Seattle, Copenhagen and KL.

  2. I too have great memories where I spent my prime life. Recently I was asked to put together memories for a get together of ex colleagues. I created a video which was much appreciated.

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