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I’m watching a very interesting variety show that is on the Youtube. It’s called “Who is the Murderer” by China HunanTV. I guess it not difficult to tell from the title that it’s a detective game show that the players are to find evidences and then trying to force the “truth” out from other players and then evetually find the murderer.

I was thinking to “replicate” this idea here (but expect loopholes and such, I’m just a detective fan but don’t have a detective brain)… but of course, there have to be changes. In the game show, the players are asked to walk around the scene of crime and the suspects (other players’ rooms) but I can’t do it here. They’re also able to question each other when they’ve enough to prove something, also can’t really do it here. Some “tests” can be performed on the spot too, obviously can’t do it here…

So there’ll be limitations … and there will be LOTS of reading to do (evidences, reports, newspaper cuttings…) and at the end, you might not solve the case due to writer’s (erm hm which is me) logic loophole … hahaha

Anyway, after knowing all these “risks”, what do you think? I want honest answers, because it’ll take TONS of work to create just one case!

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