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Designer wear – a poem

I have a small collection of poems which I wrote some time ago.  Here is one I wish to share with you

                                                                                  DESIGNER WEAR    

I craved for ‘designer’ from head to toe

Let me share with you my woe

I searched through the net from A to Zee

To look for brands that suited me

I struggled through the stiff blue jeans

It weighed some kilos  by no means

I looked at it with sheer disgust

In the jeans I lost my trust

Then I saw the shoes so neat

Happy that they fit my feet

 A step or two what do I see

They pinched me hard goodness me!

The bags  so pretty I must have one

Looked at brands the Prada  won

Down beneath the price tag stuck

To own this bag I had no luck

Not for me the designer wear

It will not fit the wear and tear

I’m back with my clothes so plain

They last forever shine or rain.

  • Do you go for designer wear?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?


Written by grace

Content AuthorYears Of Membership


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