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Delicious Cemita

Now I know you’re wondering what a cemita is. Well, it is the culinary marvel of the city of Puebla in Mexico. This city is known for its culinary history.  The cemita sandwich begins with a sesame-seed bread roll that is known by the same name.

It includes the papalo herb which has a peppery flavor. It is an ancient plant found all over Mexico, the American Southwest and South American countries. The stems and leaves are used as a condiment. There is one drawback even though it adds a unique flavor it tends to smell like a skunk.

The other kind of ingredients included in the cemita are stringy cheese, fried meat, and avocado. They say it is difficult to recreate. It does look and sound interesting and you don’t have to have that papalo herb.

The photo is not the original it is someone’s idea of what you can make out of this sandwich

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