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For whatever reason, the electricity went out suddenly last night. Indeed at that time the wind was very strong and was followed by heavy rain, but such weather conditions often occur, so I’m not sure that is the reason.

It’s just that, when the electricity goes out suddenly like that, the total darkness fills the entire house. With a cellphone flashlight, candles are easily found in place but not with the lighter. After a lighter was found, it turned out that the lighter did not work because its gas has run out. Then the gas stove was forced to intervene to light a candle. Only then after the candles are lit, and the room becomes brighter, another lighter can be found. Funny thing is, only five minutes after the candle is on, the electricity is back on.

Even such small hassles remind me of the old adage “Failure is delayed success”, which motivates us to stay motivated, never give up, and always be optimistic. While reflecting on that saying, naughty thoughts tempting comes up then brings up an interesting idea from that saying, if we change some of the words it can sound like “Lies are delayed honesty” too. Hmmm… however it seems that even that can make us stay optimistic too. lol

  • Do you agree if it says that “Lie is delayed honesty”?

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  1. Sometimes in Onehunga we get power outages and have no electricity. Usually because a car hit a power pole or strong wind caused damage to power poles.
    I try to be honest but do not always know how to answer some questions that catch me unprepared and have to think about it

  2. Many things happen by chance. Like that, shortly after you found a lighter and lit the candles, the current came. I have moments when I’m looking for something I can not find it. And it is in front of my eyes and laughs at me. I associate this fact with some age-specific characters. Hahaha

  3. I can definitely relate to what you are saying. Glad the power was only out a few moments. Makes you stop and think about things when that happens. Things we take for granted can be taken way very quickly. I try every day to stay optimistic.

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