Dear Admins,

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! We are sending our letters and anxiously waiting. We aren’t getting any response and we aren’t getting posts published by nonverified writers. We are getting worried that something has happened to you. We are not sure you are there safe and sound. Could it be that Santa and Admins are both really myths? That would be sad.

We would be grateful to hear from you. We would love to know there are some real people who are working to approve posts and keep this site bringing you some funds. We are ready and waiting to hear your feedback on our questions and ideas. We want the site to grow and flourish so everyone gets the success they want. It can be a win – win situation if we all work together.

Please respond and let us know what is going on and how we can help. Thank you.


What do you think?

Written by Ghostwriter


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  1. Well, here is at least a response. I haven’t been on Virily for a while..sometimes I get burn out..I also like to get a response as well…Here it is not just the Virily marks but the interaction with people and the posts I read here, gets me to think about a different perspective than my own..All good.
    I wouldn’t worry about mangement so much..I have no idea what they do. Just pleased to be able to be here.


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