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Dealing With Rejection

Rejection is not about you, it is about the right fit.  Rejection happens when people or things don’t work well together. That doesn’t mean that the person who is rejected is bad, or the person who rejected is superior in someway. It just means that in that particular space and time these two people just didn’t fit perfectly together as a working unit. It is the same with rejection at a job interview or college.

However, rejections causes us pain, hurts our ego, makes our mood dive into the freezing zone and worst of all we make things worse by doing two things – We could turn it right back at ourselves or we could kick up dust , make a scene, speak or act dirty and live in embarrassment all our lives. At the end of it all we hurt the most.

It is important to take rejection in an impersonal way. We could say, Well, we don’t fit together as one unit so let’s shake hands over it and move on with our lives. That would be a mature way of dealing with rejection.This isn’t really easy as our ego has taken a beating and we feel exploited, demeaned and insulted.

Love and acceptance validates us as people. Our sense of worth takes a plunge when the opposite happens. We feel like we are not really worthy of love and trust. The truth is we are low on self-worth, we need to address this issue and believe in ourselves.

We need to put our evaluation of ourselves higher than those of the others. Just think of it this way, if I don’t believe in myself and love myself who else would?

It is going to be hard but we have got to work our way through this and prove to ourselves that we are worth it.

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  1. tough topic, great post!

    rejection is something people often use as a weapon. That to me is when it is dangerous.
    In the course of day to day, rejection happens often, if it isn’t a weapon, then we pick up the pieces and move on!

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