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Dead Lady Weeping

When it comes to things like this I always say keep an open mind. The Adelaida Cemetery is in Paso Robles, California and is a place ghost hunters love to explore. It is a strange place with unusual mists, glowing red eyes and the sound of footsteps seem to follow you.

There is a legend about a Mennonite woman named Charlotte M. Sitton. In her life, she had a great tragedy when both of her children died in a diphtheria epidemic. Not being able to go on she committed suicide in a most awful way by hanging herself in the local school.

From then on every Friday evening between 10 and 11:30 PM she appears in the cemetery to lay flowers on the grave of her children. Afterward, she wanders among the gravestones and the trees weeping. The woman is dressed in white.

Being sensitive to the world beyond this give me some thoughts. I know that people who have had tragedy in their lives and who have ended their own lives tend to be restless. However, since she is among the spirit world would she not have been rejoined with her children. It appears that she is mourning them and something about this does not sit right with me.

  • Do you believe that people who end life tragically do not rest in peace?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you believe that people who commit suicide do not connect with their loved ones?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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    • I am so sorry that happened to you, Carol and I am positive that he has found his peace and yes, the strong love between you two does bind and so he comes to you when he can. I believe that those who do end their life are forgiven and are given peace, Carol. I had a dear friend who ended his life unexpectedly and he tried to contact me from beyond to explain why. That is why this particular paranormal story seems odd to me because the spirit of that poor mother should have been reunited with her children up above and she should have been at peace,

  1. I have been neutral with your questions as I have reservations about the dead. If not for those rare experiences that are narrated here and there among billions that die those rare instances cannot be taken as proof of the dead getting back and so forth.

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