Dark clouds depress me

As I am writing this post outside I see dark clouds.  It has been raining since the last two days but these clouds are something different 

These dark clouds depress me and I just feel like doing nothing. We will have to put up with it for the next few months  At the same time we cannot do without rains 

Since I do not venture out  thanks to lockdown to that extent I am saved from getting drenched in heavy showers 

  • Do dark clouds depress you?

    • Yes
    • No


What do you think?

Written by grace


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  1. Dark clouds are sometimes linked into the cloud of depression. Another writer wrote a book about the cloud of unknowing.

    Dark clouds give me joy, because I do not have to go outside and mow the lawns. I am an inside type of a person, so, these covid restrictive lockdowns have not troubled me much at all.


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