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Dark and The Light ~ Thursday's Reflections

Stopping for dinner on the way home, for a moment I saw an opportunity to share something for Thursday’s Reflections.

A little implicit meaning from the picture that I got was that no matter how dark something was, even in the darkest situations as long as the surface was shiny, it would receive the reflection of light and the forms around it. I am sure that this also applies to the mental and spiritual of the human being.

  • I am sure that all of you ever have got inspiration when everything seemed dark with a situation that looked totally disadvantageous, right?

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What do you think?

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  1. Is there really light in the darkness, as some people tell us?

    In the reverse scenario, or in God, there is only light, so there is no darkness in the light, but light is still in the darkness?

    Is there light in the Devil’s blackness too then, is God’s love in him somewhere too?

    I think that it is correct that in God there is only light, so where does darkness come from.

    God created both light and darkness to give shades of meaning to himself in his creation, as othen, beginningnesses of creation, cannot yet take in or understand the full light.

    They need darkness, reflections, shadows, and contrast to grasp who God is to them.

    Otherwise, in total light, they would not see God for themselves. All would be either themselves, or God. God can be known by lesser lights, in this way, (in the worlds of duality) because nobody can match his own light.

      • When God created, duality was created, as this creation then existed outside of himself, as long as they thought or acted in that way without him.

        Until they place themselves within God’s reality, they see through the darkness darkly.

        We try to mix duality into reality, but as you said, this never works.

  2. Yes, I love a dark mirror. My favorite in night photography is the city with shop lights reflected in the asphalt when it was wet from rain.
    If I am dark I look outward to find and reflect the light. When it is dark outside I become the light.


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