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Credible Sources

Credible sources are not always easy to find and many feedback tools are not geared toward accuracy.

Let’s take an objective, non personal look at this platform. Opening a post doesn’t actually equate to reading a post. You don’t even need to open a post to upvote or downvote.  Anyone can give and advice and tell you how the site works, and it may be incorrect because  I have never known staff to reply to all, although they often answer my questions in a private message.

I did a poll over a year ago and 98% of the participants said they just up marked or down marked a post to keep track of their place.

So if you want to know how things really are, perhaps it is time to hear it from the horse’s mouth.

If you want to know about me – I would be the most credible source. If you want to know about virily then staff would be the most credible source.

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    Do you try to use credible sources?

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    • No
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    Do you promote hearsay?

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  1. I often tell the Twins, make sure you understand both sides. The credibility of either side rides on knowing both sides. It is easier to know if a source is useless if you know both sides well enough to verify!

    I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out this platform we work on. I don’t understand most of what they do honestly.

    I know when I share posts on Social Media I bring readers to Authors. That is something I can show without a doubt.

    I don’t understand why the admin team is silent, but if there was as much negativity thrown at me when I was starting my career, as they often get (the admins) I would be silent then as well.

    Age brings the wisdom that taking a breath and waiting gets you further in life than anything else ever will.

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