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Crazy Age Challenge: Make a radical change to my silver hair


A few things, well, as numbers quickly add up to my age– radical changes also add to my list of things to do. Things I want for myself. Kids have grown. They”ve moved out, married, have families, jobs and all those things grown-ups do.

Now that I’m seven years pass half a century,  and as I advance in age, natural things happen even I don’t want them to occur.

My natural hair color tends to diminish and long strands of silky dark brown hair fall. I look at them drift away with feelings of trepidation, and suppressed care and disquiet. I wave goodbye to my falling long wavy dark hair,  as new little silver lining shoot up my crown.

And I’m thinking, Oh, I’ll grow them back. But I must make a radical change to my silky gray hair. I’m going to color dye my hair golden blonde. Or my favorite purple?  Bright blue as the sky? Pink, because I’m a woman of feminine beauty and grace?  Chuckle.

I might really like the radicalness of this kind of change and will never have to regret not having tried it.

Nah… I’ll stick to dark brown dyeIt’s going to be my first time to dye my hair, if ever. My husband will surely regret it. Because friends will tease him again that I look like his daughter, as usual.

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  1. I believe in the norm ‘ageing gracefully’ and that is what a senior should aim at I am a senior and whatever that has happened to my body I accept it and try to get back to what I would want to look like. I dye my hair and luckily it matches perfectly with my natural hair colour I have put on weight and I am more concerned about my health than my looks

  2. I have been coloring my hair for years now. My hair started to grey when I was 22. I have highlighted my hair with purple once, but I would love this midnight blue. However , I stick to the dark brown as well.

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