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Cracks for Light ~ Wednesday Shadow

I just arrived home after bridging a consultation meeting between my niece with her colleagues with a top lawyer in Jakarta. This is a continuation of the legal case alleged to my nephew and his colleague by the company which is their client. The lawyer is my activist colleague where we are both willing to spend time outside the main job to become the central administrator of a national mass organization.

Some conclusions obtained from the meeting include the following: first; there is nothing to worry about in this case because they did not commit unlawful acts, both civil and criminal, while the subpoena from their client’s company is totally unfounded and not in accordance with legal provisions, second; they should answer the second subpoena from the client with the core message that the subpoena has no legal construction, is arbitrary, and threatening. Their legal charges will definitely be questioned and doubted by the court, as a civil case or prosecutor or police, as a criminal case, third; This high-cost lawyer is willing to represent them legally without any cost for the sake of restoring their reputation and exercising their legal rights. In other words, their small companies have been arrogantly bullied by large companies because they feel superior. Assistance from this fellow has further relieved and freed them from the shadows of fear of the threat of punishment. Unfortunately, it turns out they are still overshadowed by the fear that their client companies will respond to the answer from their second subpoena as a declaration of war and will be troublesome if the case continues. the shadows of fear made them not dare to determine their attitude in following up on this case even though it had been backed up by a very competent party. Those, with inferior attitudes, are more likely to accept harassment, bullying, and letting slander on them rather than having to struggle a little to restore their credibility and reputation.

After the meeting, one of my niece’s colleagues confided privately, once again, about the quarrel between her parents that he knew had been going on since they were married forty years ago! One of his parents is always prejudiced, suspicious, accusing, and judging the other party as the perpetrators of cheating. On the other hand, both of his parents are people who are religious, persevering in worship, and regularly reading the holy book. Advice from the clergy and psychologists so far there is no influence at all to cool the hell at home. The conclusion; His parents are more passionate to fight and darken the atmosphere rather than choosing to be happy in peace.

If we look at the picture above, it appears that shadows dominate the surface of the ground rather than light. It might also be the case with us if too many things fill the ego and mind so that the Divine light barely gets a gap to illuminate the mind and consciousness. As I said before, life has risks and consequences because we live in duality with the law of cause and effect. The challenge is how we learn to become better at using switches to turn on lights rather than darkening our consciousness, heart, mind, feelings, and atmosphere around us.

  • Do you also see that some people’s minds are too full of things, thus covering up the light?

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  1. The courts of man do not rule against the heart. They rule on the law of the land. The heart rules on the veracity of those in our lives.

    The reality of hypocrisy, those who say one thing publically and another privately are all around us. The reality of those who would judge others a sad situation.

    The duplicity of humans shows itself even here on Virily.

  2. I have seen that in real life where the so called religious people do not see what they should really see as they are buried in rituals.

    You are a born do ‘gooder’ it seems to me. Carry on with your mission and I wish you the best.

    I cannot but comment on your image. I am a sunrise fan and can click photos of the morning sun right from my door step. In some of my photos the sun peeps just the way I see it in your photo.

    Have a nice day.

  3. Quite a few people around my neighbourhood are full of darkness because they depend on alcohol and drugs to give them life.
    When in fact it takes away from their life.

    I grew up with alchohol but my family knows how to handle it but a lot of people rush into using it and soon rush into a life of crime, destruction and ill health.

    I am not sure what the answer is, but it is a circle of criminals around the area where I live who live on hand outs and just about abuse everyone who tries to help them.

    I have tried to help one who used to live here but she got evicted and then got another place given to her in another area…with the same type of people

    So , you make a point. You can be wealthy and choose to attack people with or without drugs or alcohol or you can choose to do good. Using the switch.

    Some people just don’t really want to see their life..Sad really.

    • That’s a really big problem, Pamela.
      That’s another case with the same core problem. They seem to require themselves to enter the negative dark zone and never really want to get out of there.

      I myself have been involved with drugs for several years but there were times when I decided to quit that dangerous adventure. I do not regret it, even proud because I was able to get out safely from such bad habits and environments.

      The funny thing is, since getting married, all my experiences in youth were useful for dealing with many of our nephew/nieces who were involved in drugs. All their parents who have given up caring for and saving their children, ask for our help to deal with them, and leave them in our home, until they are all married and most have good jobs and careers.

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