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COVID-19: Why is it recommended to take Vitamin D supplement?

The Corona virus is proving to be the most dangerous for the elderly people, while people are being urged to take several protective measures to prevent it. One of the biggest problem of the Corona virus is that most people are being locked up in their homes and they are not allowed to leave their homes.

If no one leaves home for many days, they may lack vitamin D because vitamin D can be obtained directly from the sun’s rays, which is very important to our body. Vitamin D works to absorb calcium in our body.

Scottish Government directs people to take vitamin D supplement, because staying home is just like we losing the sun’s rays, our daily diet cannot meet the need for vitamin D, That is why people are being instructed to take vitamin D supplementation.

Experts say that people spend at least 15 minutes going to their window, balcony or terrace to absorb the sun’s rays into the body because it is extremely important for health. On the other hand, according to a recent research conducted by Trinity College, Ireland, vitamin D increases the immune system as well as protects against respiratory problems.

Professor Rose-Anne-Kinney says that vitamin D use protects against chest infections, especially in older people who have low vitamin D levels. Earlier, experts were instructing people to take vitamin C because it strengthens the human immune system.

Be clear,  Corona virus has killed more than 95,500 people worldwide, while the number of people infected with the virus has exceeded 1.3 million.

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