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Covid-19 is impacting more than sports. It is also impacting Crowdfunded projects!

Yesterday I was taking the dogs to the Vet. As we sat in the room waiting for the veterinarian, I was checking my news feed. I was shocked that several articles didn’t teach with Covid-19. Many were about the impact of the virus, but some were not. Generally, for me, on a Saturday in March, I would be preparing to watch college basketball. That isn’t possible this year, and it got me thinking about other things I could do. I have several projects that I would like to get done; now, I have a bunch of open and free time that I can do them. I am trying to take the positive side of this epidemic, no, I do not believe it is a mild thing, just that I have some time now.

Time is always an interesting problem, isn’t it? I remember when the kids were little, I had spare time, not much but some. Usually, I would sit in the room where the kids were playing and watch sports on TV. That evolved to me being near where the kids were playing, But I was still responsible for what the kids were doing, so from time to time, I had to check on them. Now I suddenly have grown children and no basketball time to do some things I need to get done. The first thing I can do is take this time to finalize some technology projects I have been putting off. One of those is to use the Scribbit system; I won’t post a review of Scribbit here. It isn’t something that most users will ever use.

But I will have time to set up the device and try it. As someone that does a lot of crowdfunding, I think I have gotten several “we are delayed” emails as well. Covid-19 has forced cheaper factories in China to close. That has put several cool technology projects behind. Shipping something in a sealed container from China to the US takes between 10-14 days. With the additional delays at both ports for customers, the devices take 16 or more days to arrive. Then they have to enter the postal system or other logistics system to be delivered. There is no chance of spreading the virus by shipping things via the ocean between the continents. The issue for these crowdfunded projects is more than the Chinese New Year shut down most of the factories for two weeks. Right after that, the Chinese Government shut them down for another three weeks. They are just starting back to full production. So these devices aren’t on ships bound for the US. They are still pieces awaiting assembly in China.

The impact of this virus is going to be huge economically.

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    Do you know how many products are made in China now?

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    is your nation implementing strict rules for what you can do>?

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    Fear doesn’t help right?

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Written by DocAndersen

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  1. I honestly believe that we should blank out the news and ignore those that are spreading the negatives about the coronavirus because it is only causing people to panic. I’ve been mentioning this a lot in my workout posts because on the televisions, they have been playing it, on top up the gyms being completely empty. Until I, or anyone near me or in my family catches the Coronavirus, I have no concerns about it.

  2. You cannot imagine how coronavirus is affecting Spain. Last Saturday the prime minister declared the emergency state that is like being in a state of war. We are not allowed to leave home except for buying food, walk the dog or going to the pharmacy. Our economy may crashed. and the Health system in Madrid, for instance, might not cope with the number of infected. You can receive a fine of up to 600 000 euros if you leave home for no reason and do not obey the police. The situation in Spain right now is horrendous. But the USA can have the same situation soon. And you do not have a politician as president…

      • I live in a rural area so It is not so easy to get infected as it is in Madrid where the situation is getting unbearable. Just today, the president of Madrid and the president of Catalonia are infected too. If leaders get the virus how are they going to protect you?? The wife of the president of Spain is infected too. And the worst is yet to come. We are going to have this situation for a month at least. Coronavirus likes cold and the weather is bad today with rain and snow… We are living in hell right now in Spain.

          • The best is to check people soon to discover who is infected because if you allow the virus to spread it becomes very powerful, in Madrid live a lot of people and the virus is really strong there. The problem is one person can have coronavirus and not knowing it because symptoms are not immediately so the infected person can live a normal life but infecting a lot of people. The global economy is going to be destroyed until summer. South Korea is the country that has made the best response. Now the virus is really powerful in Europe. The United States is going to suffer a lot too

          • Regarding your answer, the USA is proof of something. Barack Obama created a leading team to fight against pandemic virus but Trump dismissed these experts as it was created by Obama and he does not believe in science. You could have saved the world but you elected a celebrity.

        • there are three distinct things we can learn.

          1. the reality of disease today is that they are all global.
          HIV, Corna, SARs all were regional diseases that were spread by airplanes.
          2. health is a global concern we have to work together
          3. we as a species have to decide what our future will be, and move towards it!

        • ok that is truly unfair.

          Covid-19 and many other diseases are not something you can predict.

          You can’t build a vaccine for a disease that has yet to be instantiated. There is no blame for this disease for anyone.

          we need to pull together.

          • If I were in the United States I would ask Donald Trump why did he dismiss this leading team to fight pandemics and If he regrets having done that. What I have to point out is that elect people who are not politicians is very risky. Donald Trump is not a politician, has never been and he will never be one.

        • i did not vote for Mr. Trump.

          but in fairness, he was attempting to do something. He has failed so far, but each president has to make their way.

          i don’t think there is any blame in this situation for anyone.

          Every nation on earth has at times elected different people, or different people have seized power.

          • To be honest, I have always believed Trump was funny but he is not funny now because he is not a professional politician, and politics is a serious matter. When he comes to Europe and has international summits with European leaders he is an embarrassment. The United States made a mistake electing him, perhaps internally things are ok but America is a very powerful country that influences the rest of the world and you sense it living outside The United States, now with him America hast lost a lot in the international sphere although after all, Americans are who decide and we have to accept people have elected him. I do not want China or Russia being the most important country in the world, I want America to remain the number one potence, this is why Donald Trump is a bad choice for you

          • My point of view comes from a person who is not American and does not live in America, so my point of view may be very difficult from the point of view of people who live in America and after all, know how are things internally.

          • Yes, there are a lot of world leaders that should not be presidents. Donald Trump did not create the crisis. China has a lot to say, they are the ones to be blamed. But they are a dictatorship, this is why China should never be the most important country in the world.

        • the answer to both questions.

          1. in the US things are what they are. The president is the first citizen of our nation. 40% of the population steadfastly support him and find him to be a good president.
          2. The reality of the world we are in, there is no blame. China was wrong place wrong time.

          • Sorry, but there is something China did badly. The pandemic could have been avoided easily. Perhaps you have not heard the story of the Chinese doctor who was silenced in China. I am writing an article now and you will discover it.

        • i have heard that story.

          An early response may have reduced this a bit. But the reality is this is not a single point of failure pandemic. The reality of the Wuhan district of china is roughly 1/4 of Chinese manufacturing occurs in that area.

          sickness spread because there are so many international travelers that originated from Wuhan. Yes, it could have been published and much more open, but it still would have spread.

          No one point of failure.

          • The reality is that Doctors in Wuhan could have killed the virus easily at the beginning, local doctors in Wuhan saw something horrible was happening and they denounced the situation and urged authorities to act. The virus was weak and they could have developed a vaccine but Chinese authorities silenced doctors in Wuhan because they could not accept the reality. Later on, it was too late. I am writing an article you may like. It would be great to read your opinion.

        • i am sorry.

          that isn’t possible. Wuhan is a huge tourist and international traveler area. They stop the virus in Wuhan – great it is already spread to the world.

          we have to move forward, we can’t spend time blaming there is no value in that.

  3. This is the latest data from all over Spain – 8,744 diagnosed, 293 dead. More rigorous measures than the current ones are introduced every day. I don’t see fear here, but there is panic in the big food chains. In the last 24 hours, the infected have jumped by 1000 and 1 died. The situation is very difficult.Economy and tourism will report big losses. As of today, 16 March there are blocked villages. You cannot enter or leave.

    Yes (4 votes) – 57%
    No (3 votes) – 43%
    Yes (5 votes) – 71%
    No (2 votes) – 29%
    Yes (5 votes) – 71%
    No (2 votes) – 29%

  5. Kenya has reported three cases. Schools and universities will be closed this week and flights cancelled apart in emergency situations.
    China leads in the majority of manufactured products especially phones and plastic products.

  6. In our country we have very strict prohibitions … closed all social institutions (schools, kindergartens …), shops other than food shops, outlets, stopped passenger transport (buses, trains) and could still list

  7. I think this virus will also have a major economic crisis especially in tourism … tourist destinations are extinct here … reservations are canceled for Easter and May Day ….. borders are blocked with trucks from all over Europe and all are loaded with different goods … they don’t even know how to handle it…..the damage is already counted in the millions

  8. Yes, I think one of the severe effects of the virus will be the economic one, with businesses struggling to stay afloat. There aren’t many places that can afford to be shut or lose custom for weeks.

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