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Covid-19 also means a lot of people working from home

Over the last 30 years, I have worked in and out of IT shops and IT groups. IT stands for information technology. In some cases, it is also called IS or Information Services. There are many different people in an IS/IT organization, and it is always interesting to me to see and meet them. I have, in the past, talked about the many different communication styles I have run into, but today wanted instead to focus on the unsung hero. The IT professional who has to keep things rolling along. I know a couple of US Federal Agencies are pushing today to have workers Telecomite if their job supports that. Many jobs do, some situations do not. If your original post has a physical component, it is likely telecommuting doesn’t work.

But, the reality for IT professionals is more than we often consider. If you are currently working for a company or have in the past, the company may offer you what is called a remote, or a VPN connection to the organization. That Virtual Private Network connection handles typically the workload of allowing your computer to attach to resources in your company network. Right now, many companies are pushing for more and more teleworkers due to the Covid-19 virus. What it means is that IT services and resources are going to be pushed a lot harder than they are used to be pushed. Usually, it is assumed that the percentage of the workforce will be home.

That ratio varies from company to company and organization to organization. In the end, it is generally between 15-60% of the workforce is remote. Now what that means in number is easy then to expropriate. One hundred thousand employees or users would then usually be between 15,000 and 60,000 users connected to the VPN system per day. Often companies purchase the maximum needed. But in the days of Covid-19, every single person may be remote. It makes it much harder for companies to operate, plus there is the added expense of more remotely connected users. That is why what Italy has done is extremely interesting.  Italy will probably take an economic hit for the shutdown. Companies may have to tell workers to only log in one or two times a day. Welcome to a brave new world!

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  1. It’s good when you have work from home. But not everyone has this opportunity. The situation in Spain is currently under control. But there are provinces where the situation is rather bad. The recommendation is not to go out. Hopefully it will not reach the boundaries of those affected as in Italy. And to have drastic measures.

  2. Working from home is slowly increasing , traffic has reduced and the roads are unusually quite.
    I have been working from home for years now. I actually started doing it after our second child was born. I just have had to attend meetings once in a while. Now, I only do what I like, not just for earning but because it keeps the creatives juices flowing.

  3. I could not imagine working from anywhere but home since I have gotten so used to it. Right now is a good time. One job gets done and one comes in. I enjoy the quick way PayPal moves my money to my back. Textbroker made a bad choice with Payoneer. I have had them sitting on one payment for 2 weeks now and I called again and now they say it will be resolved and there won’t be a problem with my next payment but they have already lost my trust.

  4. I do believe this is going to get very bad but the virus is not anything as the media is saying. It’s the media’s job to push fear into people.
    But this is what they want to shut everything down and bring in martial law. All I have to say is be ready ..or don’t.

  5. We will also no longer need work from home, as all production will be stopped soon … all countries close borders and lack of reproductive material … this will become a disaster, dear friend

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