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Could this guy be the reason?

In my earlier post I wrote about our Lolly disappearing.  It is fifteen days and still no trace.  Lolly was always scared of this cat who is double in size.  While our other cats welcome him but Lolly and this cat never got along  The moment Lolly spotted him  he would rush inside or climb the tallest tree. 

This stray visits us every day no matter how many times we chase him out.  He somehow manages to sneak in and rob food kept for our cats.  

Now that Lolly is not around I am not very strict with this guy.  Between you and me I like him.  He is handsome  Right?

  • Should I adopt this guy you see in the photo?

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    • No


What do you think?

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    • Our neighbours never interfere. Earlier also one of our cats had gone away and only returned after 3 years but Preiti our pet dog did not welcome him although they were friends earlier.

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