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Could Michael Bloomberg be the next president of the United States???

It is said that money cannot give you happiness. However, it helps, does not it? If not, take a look at Michael Bloomberg. The billionaire businessman who started from zero and former mayor of New York City for 12 years has spent a fortune (500 million dollars thus far) in advertisements the last two months in order to have options and gain the nomination to face Donald Trump this November to become the new president of the United States.

While somewhere in the region of 20 democrats were fighting each other in bitter debates since last summer, Michael Bloomberg was saving cash to promote himself in 2020. Now, there are only 6 democrat candidates more or less and even though Michael Bloomberg has not participated in the 3 first voting states he appears with options to win the nomination now. Money can buy plenty of things but can buy a political nomination and a presidency??? What do you think?

  • Can money buy a political nomination and the presidency of the United States???

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What do you think?

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    • They have a lot of ego. They already have power and money and they want more, they want to be adored by many, appear on television, being famous, perhaps they are sick. A lot of times, politicians do not change anything but they destroy things and do not improve things they make everything worse. Voters have to read and scrutinize everything in order to avoid errors but powerful people want us dumber so sometimes you are cheated and you end up voting for the wrong person.

        • Many claim Bernie Sanders was robbed in 2016 to give the party nomination to Hillary Clinton for free as she is far more powerful and famous than Sanders. He should have been the nomination in 2016 but people from the party did change things to help Hillary Clinton who lost some states that Republicans had never held. I think it is incredible to see how Michael Bloomberg has built a campaign in two months thanks to his money. He wants to combat climate change, and this is very important. He was in a climate change summit in Madrid last year. The competition to be the democrat nominee is very interesting and anyone can win. Donald Trump prefers Bernie Sanders as an opponent because they can say Sanders loves comunism and socialism

          • you know what happens when you read rumors?

            So the many people, that felt Bernie was robbed also didn’t vote in 2016. There failure to vote ultimately elected Donald Trump.

            500,000 votes cast in two days, would have thrown the election the other way. 2016 was the lowest youth and elderly election turnout in the US in the last 30 years.

            Bernie Sanders lost in 2016 becuase the US isn’t ready for his message. People forget he was the early primary leader 4 years ago as well. His message doesn’t carry.

          • I’m just saying he’s just looking for conflicts … he’s in Congress and I think he’s got enough enemies everywhere … he’s just looking for conflicts so I think it’s better to leave as soon as possible before it’s too late

        • Donald Trump has always been rich and famous, he has always been a celebrity. But the truth is he sells the idea of being a great businessman, this is what he did in his show The Apprentice. The truth is he inherited billions and was born rich. He is not a self-made man as he portrays. The truth is Donald Trump has had plenty of failures as a businessman, he ruined casinos in Atlantic City for instance and some of his businesses were frauds to steal money like Trump University. But he is able to hide the truth thanks to his charisma and his fame. Both Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg did not accept donations and I think this is positive for the democracy

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