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Coronavirus – do what Lolly does

Lots of restrictions are imposed all over the globe and the most relevant is that one should stop socialising and spend as much time as possible at home. 

Lolly seems to be doing exactly that.  He never roams around the neighbourhood as he was used to doing. He now spends all his time at home and plays with his mother and siblings and spends most of his time sleeping. 

Ofcourse he can afford to do that as all his needs are taken care of!!!

  • Do you have any special plans during this crisis?

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Written by grace

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  1. I think Lolly has the right idea. I wish I could just lay around like that but stuff has to be done weather there is a virus or not. I still have to go out and get things done. I do not know what will be next week or even the end of this week. It is very hard because we have to prepare for our holiday coming up of Passover which starts in April. This virus is really screwing up things.

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