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Corona virus sampling automated vehicle

At present, the Corona virus outbreak in the United States has put its claws. In this situation an automated   vehicle has been built by Mayo Clinic that will take Corona’s suspected specimens to automatically reach doctors and labs. However, this vehicle is still in the final stages of final tests and can only be used afterwards.

In this, a worker keep samples in a sealed container and puts it in the car. as such, it will also be the first car to collect samples of COVID – 19 from patients with no driver present.

For this, Mayo clinic has partnered with the Jacksonville Department of Transportation and a startup company called Beep. The first four vehicles are being tested at the same time, which can be called automatic shuttles. These experiments are being performed at Mayo Clinic Florida.

In this way, it will be possible for the corona test to move samples collected without human intervention. Even the citizens themselves will be able to hand over their suspected specimen to the vehicle, which will protect the rest from any infection.

This car has been named a “beep” and is being driven on its way under artificial intelligence.

  • Will this help in operations against COVID-19 ?


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