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Corona- Is it beginning of making the China next super-power?

It all started from Wuhan, China at the end of last year.  It looks like the Chinese have already controlled the situation but the worst affected are America and Europe the so-called superpowers of the world. America is facing at least 2000 deaths per day for last couple of days and there doesn’t seem to be a way out yet.

On the other hand, China is almost free of the virus and doing good business by supplying medical help and packed edibles. The fact, that some of the Chinese businessmen have already replaced Americans from the top 100 billionaires list proves my point further.

China is buying shares of the companies as low as up to 30% from the global market. The countries which were abusing China at the offset of the virus already at their knees asking for help from China buying essential items spending billions.

  • Will China be the next Superpower?

    • Yes


What do you think?

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Written by Suny Ag


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  1. May I offer a different opinion?

    China has been a Super Power for more than 40 years. Are they emboldened a little by this Viris? I hope not. I think the reality of the global situation is they have achieved that goal of being a Super Power. My biggest fear is that the regional neighbors (China and Russia) continue to have disputes that could result in a very messy war.

    • There are different point of views on how you consider a country’s ability. It could be economical, military power and how it contributes for world’s welfare. China is doing better on economical front but legging behind in rest of the matters. There is always a conflict in between Russia, China and America on different matters.

      • China has the largest standing army in the world. check.
        Chinese military Tech is as good as Russia’s and near the US.
        China has warm water ports for a navy
        (Russa has two)
        Economically China is number two in the world.

        This virus showed how much reach their economy has.

        As is often the case the thing China has to fear is not the world. The thing china has to fear is the same thing that brought them down the last three times they were a global power.

        Unlike India, China does not understand the concept of middle class workers.

        • China is tactically reaching (read grabbing) more ports/bases in different parts of the worlds so practically they have more than what we think warm water ports. Maybe China is better prepared or should I say, ready to face the world shamelessly and has no fear of fears.

          • China has a revolution coming inside its borders that has brought it to its knees many times in history.

            When the middle class rises, China will struggle. It has happened every time the nightly empire rose.

            I think the thing people often forget about China today is that it is not a consumer. Much as the economy of India is tied to the US, so is the economy of China.

            they are a producer not a consumer today. they will switch to consumer again, as they have many times in the past.

  2. That is China’s plan. It didn’t take too much time for them to start making profits with their substandard goods and trying to buy up financially sick companies in Europe and Australia to seal their position. I like the way Australia has responded to China.

    • There is a saying, “Any port in the storm”. Even the substandard goods can help up to some extent and with its large manpower, China is taking the full advantage with no or almost no new cases in China. The question is did they have the antivirus ready even before the epidemic started? Did they plan everything with surgical precision?

    • And in quick time. I wonder how many life saving systems they had already manufactured even before the requirement even started! They will have to come up with the answers at some or the other stage!


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