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Corona Hoax Pandemic Proven Fake… Yet The Lockdowns Continue… Here's Why…

“The mistake is believing in any kind of authority; titles, followers, etc as they are all superfluous, even people who are very ignorant can come up with amazing things, and people that are seemingly very intelligent can do very stupid things; the key is to judge the ideas, not the people saying them.”Larkin.

A commentator wrote about why people should never get vaccinated, saying, that a Canadian doctor told his mom she should take the swine flu vaccine and the next day she couldn’t walk anymore and she spent the rest of her life in a wheelchair. A lot of people did actually take the vaccine shot, and just like many others today are now doing the same stuff with COVID 19 coronavirus and it’s pretty incredible how everyone falls for it time after time. This hoax is by far the biggest and the other ones were probably just practicing and the swine flu one was before the Rockefeller institute came up with their diabolical plan to do a lockstep top-down authoritarian control, using a virus or at least the guise of using a virus. There’s still so much evidence available that shows this is not what they say it is.

This British scientist, Neil Ferguson from the Imperial College of London, was basically one of the top people who was saying this COVID19 is going to kill millions of people, he’s just come out in the last couple of days, saying, his computer models were wrong and had wrongly shown, that in the UK there would be probably five hundred thousand deaths and he’s now saying, based on what’s going on in real terms, that maybe it might be twenty thousand. 

In fact, ten thousand of those were expected to die this year anyway as they were old or sick, in other words, the coronavirus in a place like the UK will actually have fewer deaths than the flu normally does.  Even the UK government downgraded COVID19 from a serious infectious pandemic to “really nothing” and that he might be thinking well I guess they’re gonna stop all these lockdowns and stuff, now that we know it’s not as bad as everyone thought it was, but, oh no no you don’t understand what’s really going on here… 

NOTE: New York’s now supposed to be the big hot spot or epi-center in the world and there’s literally no one at these hospitals!!! Watch this video for much more weird stuff happening.  

If you can see the truth, please warn everyone.



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    • Ahol888, because I respect you, I will simply confirm your query, you would be on the money and you are wise enough to show that you are not an individual commonly referred to as “sheeple”. Secondly, you are also a deeply, religious person, all I can tell you is not to believe what you are seeing, trust your inner voice, too, just like you did here, “test all spirits, for there are many false Prophets”.

    • If you are living in Africa, as I am, you would clearly see something wrong with the picture of doom being painted, how come none of the poor people living in shanties almost pact to the brim have no resources at all are having any COVID19 symptoms, or worse, dying? I’ll tell you why it’s because of its all fake! BY THE WAY, SOUTH AFRICA IS ABOUT TO STOP THE QUARANTINE AND GO BACK TO WORK. Seems like someone made a mistake?

        • I remember you saying something about living in Africa that’s why I had addressed my comment in such a way. Everyone expected that with third-world standards virtually throughout the entire continent, we would be almost wiped out and strangely, I’m not hearing a thing about COVID19 outbreaks from anywhere but South-Africa.

          • Not sure why South Africa has many cases of infection. A country like Tanzania has only 25 cases. Mine is close to 200. Africa is not widely affected but predictions by some organizations and individuals are saying Africa will be hit hard this month.

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