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core of apricot kernels

The core of the apricot ostrich strengthens the immune system.Contains vitamin B17.

Vitamin B17 is found in apricot stems. The vitamin B17 molecule contains two sugar units (one cyanide and one benzadellhide), which are released in the human body only at the site of the malignant cell. A malignant cell is a sugar essential for growth and maintenance. The malignant cell is rich in enzymatic beta-glycosidase, which in association with cyanide and benzadellide from the nucleus creates a highly toxic hydrocyanide compound (HCN). Thus, the cancer cell is poisonous and destroys. The enzyme beta-glycosidase in other healthy cells of the body is found in extremely small amounts, and virtually no poisoning of the healthy cells of the organism occurs.Cancer likes sugar, and cyanide in the core of apricot kernel is surrounded by sugar. Cancer is eaten with sugar and it is poisoned with cyanide. It is therefore very important that by consuming the cores, the cancer cells indicate that they only eat cyanide sugar. Injecting any other sugar into the body during treatment should be eliminated!All of the above is also a recommendation for the prevention and protection of healthy persons.

First measure your body weight, then divide it with 2, 5 so you get the daily need for the cortical organism. The average daily amount is about 30 (thirty) cores.Every kernel of apricot well chew and then swallow.

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