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When we write posts or  respond to posts at sites that pay, we post and  respond because we get paid for that activity  The posts cover many subjects including what goes on in one’s life. Having said that all what is posted here I can assure you will not be covered in a real life conversation.

With Internet at our disposal we have information just by clicking the mouse.  And nor do we talk about what goes on in our life which is more a trend than an exception. 

We have a guest here and she thought may be she is sharing some information with us but sadly I had to tell her that I already know it as it is on the Net. To that extent therefore our conversation is restricted. 

  • Has the quality of conversations gone down in the real world?

    • Yes
    • No


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  1. I think that even if we already know some information, that’s not restricting a conversation. Any conversation can show some new points of view or lead to another topic if the people are interested in communicating with each other.


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