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Conspiracy Theories – Part 1 – Weather and environment

My intention is not to promote conspiracy theories. I’d just like to share some of the most popular and ask for your opinion. Please, don’t take the following as absolute truth or lie. I’m just telling jokes, I hope you’ll find them to be entertaining.

What’s a conspiracy theory?

It’s the belief some events are plotted or manipulated by someone, often governments or small elite groups, but truth is told to be kept hidden, undisclosed.

Global Warming

This is a hot topic, if you’ll excuse the pun.

Lately there have been climate school strikes everywhere!

The official scientific position is that global warming is real, and due to human activity.

I’ll divide the arguments against this theory into three groups.

Arguments that deny the phenomenon:

– weather stations are built in areas where urbanization has affected their records;

– it’s perfectly normal to not have a stable climate, variations have always existed;

– we can’t talk of global warming if we also face cold winters, tons of snow and so forth.

Arguments that deny human responsibility:

– we are at the end of the Holocene, an interglacial period, where it’s normal for the climate to become warmer, but an ice age will eventually arrive;

– the amount of CO2 produced by humans can’t affect the climate, the gas has always existed in trace amounts;

– natural phenomena, such as volcanic activity, also release CO2.

Arguments that declare global warming is positive:

– we’ve become more eco-friendly, we try to avoid polluting;

– cold weather is more deadly than hot weather, on average;

– CO2 is a rare trace gas but plants need it to photosynthesize: more of this gas, more food for the plants.

I know, most of these arguments are easy to debunk, but I had to share.

The conspiracy, supported by these arguments, involves lobbies and governments who act on their own financial interests and make life harder for the poor who can’t afford green technologies (look at the yellow vests in France).


The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program studies the ionosphere by using instruments such as high-power radio frequencies and magnetometers. For instance, they can predict an upcoming geomagnetic storm by analyzing changes occuring in the ionosphere.

Conspiracy theorists believe the HAARP can manipulate the weather or neutralize satellites that dwell that part of the atmosphere.

The ionosphere can reflect, and refract, the low-frequency radio waves that marine and aircraft communications use. The research program is told to exploit this property to propagate ‘mind-controlling radio waves’.

The ionosphere is also the area where the beautiful auroras appear, and this creates another conspiracy theory! HAARP is thought to be able to create holograms in the sky: from Marian apparitions to alien invasions, this would be used to create chaos and subdue the human species.

Good material for those who plan to write Sci-Fi novels.


Planes leave condensation trails, it’s a fact.

However, these trails seem odd: they last too long and often create patterns such as multiple crosses. It may look like angels are playing tic-tac-toe.

Some conspiracists believe chemtrails release hazardous materials to poison or control the human population, causing respiratory diseases and other health problems.

Another theory states the trails can change the weather and manage solar radiation, as an attempt to reduce global warming.

I have to say the last theory actually makes sense. Cloud seeding is a known weather manipulation practice. Condensation trails can create cirrus clouds that reflect solar rays.

  • Do you believe global warming is real?

    • Yes, and we’re responsible for that
    • Yes, but humans have little to no responsibility
    • Yes, but it’s good for us
    • No
    • I prefer not to answer
  • Do you believe in the conspiracy theories involving the HAARP?

    • Yes
    • No
    • I prefer not to answer
  • Do you believe in chemtrails?

    • Yes, trails are used for human population control
    • Yes, trails are used to manipulate the weather
    • Yes, trails are used for both purposes
    • No
    • I prefer not to answer
  • Would you like me to create more polls about conspiracy theories?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Undecided
  • Do you think posting about conspiracy theories that involve certain groups (races and ethnicities) might go against the guidelines, though there is no intention to promote such beliefs?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Maybe

What do you think?

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Written by sabtraversa

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  1. Well, we have evidence of global warming in New Zealand….We had hardly any rain in summer, and even as winter approaches, very little rain. Our temperatures increases

    There are ice bergs breaking off antartica and the sea water is rising…some of the Pacific islands will soon disappear under the sea..

    • As the warming is global, not all places experience the same increase in temperatures, in fact here we just have crazy weather, might be either too hot or cold for the season, and bad weather, such as storms, has become more destructive.
      That’s why I tend to prefer using “climate change” instead of “global warming”, because there’s much more than hot temperatures. For example, you’re experiencing droughts as well.

  2. The earth is a living planet and things change. I really don’t believe that much of it is in our control. For example, I don’t think we should eliminate cows be they “fart” bad air. It’s true they do, that’s life. I would doubt that cloud seeding happens so often it affects the true outcome. There were ice ages before and will probably ice ages later. Heck Yellowstone could blow up today and I would be gone.

  3. Very interesting post. As far as conspiracy theories go, there are a lot around, and there probably is a lot of truth in at least some of them. The New World Order, for example – have you heard of that one? I believe in that one, as I have found a lot of evidence to support it. Please do post more blogs like this.

    • Thanks for your support! Yes, I agree there is truth in some of these theories, while many are just made to ruin the reputation of the ‘group’. Even few of the theories I shared above have mainstream science sources, but because of the bad image they have as a whole, most people end up throwing the baby out with the bath water.
      I believe in the NWO too, but I haven’t paid much attention to it lately. I mostly refer to it as unhealthy greed, capitalism and hunger for power, to avoid using ‘niche terms’. ?

      • Yes, that is definitely the motivation behind it – lust for power and money. The proponents of the New World Order are global elites who want to establish a One-World Government which they rule absolutely, i.e. a centralised totalitarian regime, no more sovereign nation-states. They are trying to achieve this by breaking down borders between countries and any sense of nationhood, national identity. That’s the whole purpose of the globalists, so that they can rule the world. I believe there is more to it than that, but that is the gist of it. You can see it happening in the world today. The EU and the United Nations are part of this global conspiracy.

    • Hehehehehe! ? Yup, I doubt humans can really prevail over nature, the earth knows how to fix itself. Whether global warming is true, or caused by human activity, our species is dealing damage and it is likely to pay for it.

  4. Hi Sabtraversa. I agree Global warming is a Hot topic. I do not think human actions result in global warming to the extent it is hyped. “State of Fear” a novel by Michael Crichton’ gives some interesting perspective on this very subject.

    That said, human actions have undoubtedly made the air and water around us polluted.

    • Thanks! ? It was very interesting to collect some info about these alternative theories. I’m mostly skeptical, but honestly I believe in two of those I mentioned. As cloud seeding is a real known practice, it is definitely possible contrails can also modify the weather. However, that wouldn’t be a conspiracy, nobody is truly hiding that: it’s just a niche topic most people don’t know about. ?

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