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Completed 100 days at Virily – a satisfying and great experience

In my very first post I had expressed regrets why I did not join earlier.  Looking at the site I notice  it is here since 3 plus years and I completed just 100 days  but in those 100 days I have had a fulfilling experience.

There is quality here and most users are enthusiastic.  There are however a few who do not post but just view without even upvoting posts and that keeps me wondering who views my posts.  There has been days when I get pages of notifications about virils I have earned for the views received.

There are no doubt glitches specially while working on Quizzes but I have learnt to overcome them and have prepared over 30 quizzes.

Unlike verified users my posts do not get published everyday and if that happened that would keep me merrily and happily busy here everyday. I enjoy being here.

Admin are you listening!!!

These are my observations.

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Written by grace

I have been writing for various sites some of which have disappeared.  I have several interests including writing, photography, gardening, reaching out, cooking.  I have a blog which needs a bit of revamping and when I get some time I will go there and do justice.

I love people and have been responsible for getting together several groups such as class mates, seniors, orphaned kids and family

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  1. I used to do this type of thing on Niume and got paid by them then overnight they could not pay anyone. Someone recommended me join Virily and so here I am.
    Not only do you get paid by correspond with some very fine people from all over the world.
    I really enjoy being here on Virily
    Thanks also for your contact as well Grace, …I am pleased to have met you here.

  2. Congratulations grace. I have been here onger than you but I have to admit also, I enjoy Virily very much despite its glitches and lack of communication with the administration. The interaction between most of the members is great, cheerful and perky. I am very happy for you…

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