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Combination ~ Thursday Reflection

Light rain dampens the afternoon. Orange sunlight bounces on anything which is willing to accept it, like the rearview mirror of a motorcycle which did not escape of it.

Mirror and water or raindrops are the best media for reflection. If the two media join, the reflection presented by both can be very unique and interesting.

Like mirrors and water, we humans as both media are also strong as reflectors, both everything outside and especially what is inside. Hopefully, you always reflect beauty inside so that everything around you also reflects your beauty.

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    Do you know such a combination of mirrors and water on us?

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    Do you realize what you reflect through yourself?

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    • No


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  1. Lol… interesting …
    By right we can’t see ourselves … so we can hardly be a mirror for ourselves …
    the funny thing is whether we’re good or bad we can be a “standard” for others …
    “Do not follow her” or “follow her”, that’s all.

  2. “You get what you give!” (I’m not talking about material stuff) That was the principle that guided my life! You are good, you get kindness, you smile, you get smiles… and so for
    Mirror and droplets create too strong reflection for the eyes! Be careful when you ride! ?

  3. Always trying to reflect beauty from the inside out. Great photo. Our garage holds our vehicles, so I do not have this opportunity to photograph raindrops. That is why I have so many nature photos with raindrops I guess. Do you still ride your motorcycle?

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