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Color crazy – A refreshing drink

During the warm summer days we need more liquids. There’s no need for a healthy glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. The health benefits of orange juice.

1. Strengthens the immune system

2. Prevents cancer

3. Detoxifies your body

4. Increases blood circulation

5. Reduces inflammation

6. Reduces blood pressure

7. Balances cholesterol levels

B 250 grams of each glass, approximately one glass, have less than 110 gallons and 26 grams of carbon. Surprisingly, this is almost 10% of your carbon dioxide day, mainly under the effect of ecxs. Quite a glass of soap gives you 200% of the essential B Vitamin C, and some of its minor and antioxidant ingredients, too, are more effective

Have a nice and happy Sunday.

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  1. I love juices too!
    But I’m cutting down on them as some says a cup of juice (even freshly pressed) can have too much sugar … 😐