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Clouds have different shapes

Sometimes clouds have different shapes. In this picture I am seeing a horse and a dog near the horse. Or maybe a cow. I am not sure. I like this picture because the clouds have different shapes. I saw many posts about clouds here. I decided to watch more often the sky. It’s interesting to watch it.  Do you like to watch the clouds? Do you see the same shapes as me?

  • Do you like to watch the clouds?

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  • Do you see different shapes when you look at them?

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Written by Diana

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  1. This is also one of my favorite pastimes. You should do this with a young child and you might get a pretty good story to share. I used to this with my nieces and nephew and not every once in awhile my grand nieces and nephews. I do see two to three animals (all dogs though) that seem to talking to each other.

  2. Very nice cloud formation with at the right hand side what looks almost like a twister forming. I think I see the horse and the dog on the left hand side but I also see maybe a fairy in the middle with its wings starting to expand getting ready to fly away…

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