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What are your CLOTHES SHOPPING Habits POLL

There are a variety of consumers. A number of people adore shopping, devoting all day in stores and browsing malls searching for items, trying this and that on, comparing prices, but to others like myself, it’s a huge laborious task and we loathe it!

Shopping online has created an easier purchasing style, but shelling out money for hefty shipping costs is the downside, coupled with the return process which can also be costly. Is online shopping the better choice? Or retail stores?

Take this poll below and find out how everyone feels.

  • How are your shopping habits most often?

    • I know my budget and what I can afford so I wait until I have the money
    • Sometimes I’m cautious with money, but I see something and just have to have it
    • I buy what I want, within reason
    • I’m not a penny pincher, It’s my money I’ll do what I want even if I’m a little short at the end of the month
  • Do you find yourself shopping more?

    • online only
    • online and stores
    • only retail stores
    • I’m nervous to purchase to purchase online, so I would have to say retail only
    • mail order catalogue
    • other
  • If you are pleasant to a sales clerk, yet she is quite rude to you, how do you react?

    • I would make a comment to her in a calm tone
    • I would report her to the manager of the store
    • I wouldn’t say anything and just pass it off as an unfortunate incident
    • say nothing, but write a review on the store’s online site
    • other
  • If you saw someone at the cash register whom you know was being overcharged (you spotted the item on sale), would you?

    • mention it to the person
    • mention it to the cashier
    • keep your mouth shut because you could be wrong
    • other
  • You are trying on a pair of shoes that you love but they’re too tight. It’s the only size left and it’s 1/2 price, would you?

    • say to yourself, ‘why buy them, they don’t fit’
    • buy them because of the price and deal with the size issue later
    • call a family member and see what you should do
    • throw a tantrum
  • You find this magnificent pricey cocktail dress that has already been marked down because of a small noticeable tear, do you?

    • wish you could sew so you could purchase this dress, but realize you will never repair it, so pass on the purchase
    • know you have bit of sewing skills, but is it worth the price with the tear?
    • try and get the price down even more and worry about fixing it later
    • buy it, you love it, the price is fantastic, you will never find another dress like it at this price, and you will pay a seamstress to fix it
    • other
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Written by livinginstigma

Mental Health Advocate anti stigma, struggle w/depression, PTSD, chronic migraines, narcissist survivor. Blog chronic pain & invisible illnesses. Writer, poet.

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    • So true, and people are in too much debt because of it. It’s far too easy to sit in your pajamas in front of the computer, scan through retail sites and hand over your credit card #. Receiving your statement of what you owe at the end of the month isn’t so nice. Thanks for taking the poll, Albert! πŸ™‚

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