Closing up the site poll and the reality of virtual education…

I did as promised send the last poll post to the admin team. I also pointed out the critical goals of the authors on the site. Thank you to every single person that took the time to comment.

I was wandering a site I hadn’t gone to in a while yesterday. I have in the past spent more time with Flipbook than I do now. It is more trying to see what sties will increase views on the posts I share. I have lost several regular viewers on this site, because of the atmosphere and the number of conspiracy site style posts. Most of the people that have read my posts for years know my backup blog and read things there, 2-3 days alter. They are fine not getting my posts the day they are written and won’t come to this site anymore. It makes me sad toa degree, but at this point, I figure it is wholly their right so that I won’t argue with them about the decision.

I am going to try to move forward positively from now on.

So let’s talk about something, not writing site related. What are parents going to do this fall? Many schools in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Island nations have declared either school as a regular or virtual school. Virtual school is difficult because parents have to be able to be there for the kids with a virtual school. The goal is to reduce the risk of children being in school physically. I know many parents and many teachers that are concerned about the reality of virtual school. How do you balance the needs of the child for socialization as well as the existence of the virtual school? Robert Fulghum wrote a book many years ago, “I learned everything I needed to know in Kindergarten.”

Socialization and how we interact with the world are built in those early years of life. Some measure of that comes from our parents. But another action comes from the people we associate with as we grow. Your family is something you really can’t change. Your friends are, to a degree, the family you choose. Without those opportunities to socialize appropriately, kids won’t have the same experience in school as was initially intended. But, the risk of that pandemic is enormous. While it often impacts children horribly, it is less likely to change a child horribly. But adults will suffer from the COVID – Virus. There has to be a balance between a virtual and in-person school, with the goal being to protect the maximum number of people.

What do you think?

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What do you think?

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  1. If I am a parent, I would surely will either opt my child out of school for a year or go virtual. Missing a year is better than jeopardizing the child’s health as well as that of the whole fam. And, if I may point out, there are actually parents who go for home-schooling even without this pandemic. And, of course, I want to say THANKS A MILLION for the “how are you?” message. Appreciate it. From the heart 🙏💙

  2. The best thing I ever heard was a friend who told me she has registered her daughter in a Florida virtual school so she can finish her education. I completely agree it is much less worry than her daughter actually going to school on the outside.

  3. To bad you lost followers. It happens over the years.

    School is a hot topic right now. I know many teachers and they are very anxious at the next steps. Personally I think school should start, cautiously of course.


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