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Climate Change & Our Sea Layer

The Climate Changes, where it gaining the  history of damages worldwide, there the sea layer is not safe from it. According to a research, there is a huge loss of sea layer due to the climate change which is biggest threat to sea creature.

Experts say most of the carbon on the ground dissolve in the ocean floor and there is a calcium carbonate available in the sea layer and these two gases combined with the balance of carbon in the ocean, however, due to the increased amount of carbon in the atmosphere, this balance is decreasing.

Now the amount of carbon in the ocean layer is increased and the calcium carbonate has decreased, which has increased acidity of the sea. According to experts, this process is very dangerous for water creature and plants found in the sea.

Scientific experts say that it is difficult to complete full review of the sea layer on the whole earth. However, an estimated 40 percent of the sea layer is affected by the increase in carbon.

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  1. I believe the good Lord asked people to take good care of the earth, you will find that in Genesis. Man was put here to take care of the earth.
    However, human greed and lust for power and things have generally contributed to the destruction of this earth.
    We are now, more than anything needing to right this wrong and do what we can to heal the earth

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