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Clematis Snowflake

Clematis snowflake is a vigorously growing vine. It has flower that are 1 cm all around. They smell like the breath of heaven, a very mild but beautiful perfume. This vine has struggled against the harsh summers and dry heat here for more than a year.

Now that the  weather is much cooler the plant has begun to bloom. Well I should say it is blooming abundantly and making my neighbor envious. He just remarked to me that I don’t just have a green thumb but I also have golden hands . LOL that made me laugh. I promised him a strong rooted plant in spring.

I had read a lot before I placed this plant on my west side balcony, however I guess that all those articles were never written for hot tropics like ours. I have toyed with the idea of shifting the container to another spot but the task seemed almost impossible. The container is huge and it would also mean cutting this huge vine back so drastically.  I didn’t have the heart to do it but kept it well watered and fed.

I am a happy gardener now, because this plant has survived and thrived to bear abundant blooms.  All my efforts to save this vine has borne fruits and what more could a gardener ask.

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