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Cleanliness at home

I must say that I love order and cleanliness in my home. As far as I can remember, I always hate messy homes. If I have been at home and saw dirtiness, I never could stay there for long. Such as dirty toilet or dogs’ hair on the couch can easily force me to leave.

But at my home, I have one problem too and till now could not deal with it successfully.

I and my husband have a workroom at our home. We spend here a lot of time. ad no matter how often I want to make an order here, it always looks a bit messy. The biggest mess reigns on my desk. And I was fine with it; my husband joked that it looks comfortable, creative, even fun. But lately, I notice that for me, this mess consists of just superfluous things that hardly fit in any drawer or shelf, things that look homeless on my desk.

What I’m doing now is little by little getting used to true order on my desk. And somehow something like order gradually happened. Maybe not the same as in house where true order reigns but quite a pleasant orderliness for productive work.

So, I am successfully getting used to minimalism on my work table. 

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